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Dilip Raimajhi


May 6, 1976 (age 38)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Actor, Director, Producer, Choreographer, Dancer
Years active
Isha Sharma
Divya Rayamajhi

Dilip Rayamjhi (born 6th May 1976) is a nationally acclaimed extraordinary Nepalese Actor, producer, choreographer and a dance director. He is amongst the elite few actors who has risen to the industry pinnacle and carved a niche of his own. Rayamajhi first became known in 1990's when he began his career as an emerging actor in 1996. Since then he has played in more than 150 movies in the lead role. Most of the movies he has played were amongst the widely commercially successful pictures of the decade that catapulted Rayamajhi to stardom. Movies like "Darpan Chayya","Lahana", "Superstar", "Miss u.." "Zindagani", were one of the blockbusters celebrating 50/100 days of continuously showcased movies in many major theatres across Nepal and managed some major international previews.
Rayamajhi has been representing Nepali movie industry in a broader Nepali communities living abroad by participating in many cultural programs & being chief jury member and sponsor for many different shows. He has been contributing his skills, effort, innovation and huge shift in contemporary acting/directing by preserving, promoting and introducing Nepali movies as well as newcomers to the industry. He is also renowned for his Choreography in more than 12 films thus far.[1][citation needed]
Being a part of the elite group of actors, he has been performing and shooting for movies in more than two dozen countries abroad including Europe, UK, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Korea, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Thailand, Qatar, India, China, etc. [2][3][4][citation needed]
Rayamajhi has been honoured with many prestigious awards from national and international organizations. Best Débutante Actor (Motion Picture Award 1999) ; Best Actor 2001; Best Actor (Dabur Anmol Motion Picture); Best Actor in Negative Role (NEFTA TV Film 2001); Best Actor (Motion Picture 2003); Best Actor in Comic Role (National Film Award 2005).[citation needed]
Dilip Rayamajhi is one of the top actors in Nepal. Winning myriads of award trophies and accolades for his unbeatable performance. He believes in making things happen with his effortless charms and invincible performance skills. He started his career merely as a dancer and progressively went to become an assistant dance director. There was no turning back from there. He got his first movie break in a video film as a side dancer and then he was offered the "big break" in a much acclaimed movie "Bhanubhankta". He has not glanced back ever since.[citation needed] He is a versatile actor and a dancer who has taken Nepali movie market by a storm. There are innumerable actors who have steeped onto to the movie market scene since Dilip's debut in the industry but no one has even begun to create the same kind of charm which Dilip indelibly leaves after each screen performance.
Dilip has been performing live shows across the globe in an effort to celebrate Nepalese culture,music and film-making. His great stage presence is felt every time he gets down to a stage and gives his best performance. He not only performs but touches millions of heart of his fans and non-fans equally proving himself an irresistible heart-throb every time. His impeccable personality on-screen and off-screen is worth million applause. His co-workers testify the same.[citation needed]
There are lots of things he aspires to undertake to promote Nepali film industry. Most of his movies have earned sincere praises from critics worldwide.[citation needed] This proves that he is a versatile,multi-talented and willing to get his hands on the diversity of movie-making. Such a big commitment towards the industry at such a young age is worth celebrating for. He has proved to be a valuable asset not only to his country but also to the NRN's living abroad who can now be a part of events performed by Dilip. Plethora of offers are mounting these days for Dilip to perform and conduct premier shows for his upcoming movies overseas.[citation needed] He has been flattered with the sponsorship offers and thanks all of the wellwisers and sponsors for their kindness and immense love towards conserving and promoting Nepalese film industry.

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